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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All students who are late should report to the main reception with a note explaining their lateness, reception will then mark them present and hand the child a late slip to show to their class teacher. The school takes punctuality to school very seriously and students who are late to school will receive a 45 minute detention on the same day. Parents/carers will be notified by text.
If your child is sitting a public exam and they are absent, they will not be able to sit it at a later date. Therefore, it is important they attend all of their examinations.
We take all forms of bullying seriously as a school and will act swiftly, firmly and supportively to deal with any instances of bullying. A concerned child or parent/carer can speak to any member of school staff including a member of the student Leadership team, Tutor, Year Attainment Manager or a member of Senior Leadership Team. The school will then investigate the issue fully and act in the best interests of the children involved. At all stages of the process the child and parent/carer will be kept informed of events.
If you can manage to get to school is easier or call 0741 946 507 then request to talk to finance
If the child choose our school wait for selection to be complete ....if he qualified he will get the offer
Second sunday of every second month of each term.
No student is allowed to drive at school premises even if he have valid driving lincence
Yes we offer sponsorship for clever students contact 0741 946 507 for guidance.