Nairobi School

Tender Notice

Tenders are invited for supply and delivery of goods and services listed below to Nairobi School for the year 2018.

Please note: Download the entire document as it is, print out 2 copies and fill all the blank spaces applicable to you. Also submit 1 copy and keep one for your reference. 

1 NS/01/2018 Supply of Milk Open
2 NS/02/2018 Supply of Foodstuffs - Cereals Open
3 NS/03/2018 Supply of Poultry Products Open
4 NS/04/2018 Supply of Manufactured Foodstuffs Open
5 NS/05/2018 Supply of Beef / Sausages Open
6 NS/06/2018 Supply of Fresh Vegetables Reserved
7 NS/07/2018 Supply of Fresh Fruits Reserved
8 NS/08/2018 Supply of Cleaning Materials Reserved
9 NS/09/2018 Supply of Electrical Materials Open
10 NS/10/2018 Supply of Firewood and Charcoal Open
11 NS/11/2018 Supply of Sports and Games Equipment Open
12 NS/12/2018 Supply of Laboratory Equipment Open
13 NS/13/2018 Provision of Insurance Covers (Students and Vehicle) Open
14 NS/14/2018 Supply of Paints Open
15 NS/15/2018 Supply of Stationery Reserved
16 NS/16/2018 Supply of Sanatorium Drugs Open
17 NS/17/2018 Supply of Swimming Pool Chemicals Open
18 NS/18/2018 Supply of Staff Uniforms Open
19 NS/19/2018 Prequalification for Repair and Servicing of School Vehicles Open
20 NS/20/2018 Prequalification for Printing Services Reserved
21 NS/21/2018 Supply of Hardware Materials Open
22 NS/22/2018 Supply of Textbooks Open
23 NS/23/2018 Supply of Building Materials Open
24 NS/24/2018 Supply of Computer Accessories (Toners,Masters,Catridges & Ink) Open
25 NS/25/2018 Provision for Sanitary Services Open
26 NS/26/2018 Prequalification for Fumigation Services Open
27 NS/27/2018 Prequalification for Building and Construction & Electricals Services (Labour) Open
28 NS/28/2018 Prequalification for Consultancy and Advisory Services Open